Scooting out of Traffic: A Guest Column

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.57.20 AMIf you’re so frustrated with your commute that you are considering using alternative options to get around Austin, you’re not alone.

In 2005, we each had a car. Our daily commutes were about 20 miles in completely different directions, so moving closer to either workplace would not provide a net lifestyle improvement. Applying some creativity, we devised trip chaining with our bikes and Capital Metro that helped us save thousands of dollars per year (and allowed us to read many good books while riding on the bus).

Then, in 2007 and 2008, we purchased two used electric scooters with some of our accrued savings, thus avoiding getting back into our cars. Yes we still had our cars, mainly for sentimental reasons and out-of-town trips. The scooters were fantastic. Door-to-door transportation that saved us time and money! We then extended this concept in 2009 and 2010 when we sold one of our cars and traded in our used electric scooters for better European-made electric scooters. The range is 40+ miles (versus 20 miles on our previous scooters), and we ride as fast as traffic, or faster.

A commuter study performed in Belgium in 2012 concluded that if 1 in 10 people rode a scooter or motorcycle instead of driving a car, the reduction in traffic congestion would reduce commute times by 40% for everyone!  This is because, as congestion increases, bikes, scooters and motorcycles take up less and less space relative to stalled or slowed cars .

Our scooters have saved us lots of money and many hours per week in commuting time, and eliminated parking costs too (scooters and motorcycles park for free at all City of Austin metered parking spots).


Mark and Audrey are happy to speak with anyone about the myriad other benefits they see using zero-emissions Govecs electric scooters. Visit them at Electric Avenue Scooters 

3 Responses to Scooting out of Traffic: A Guest Column

  1. Jonathan says:

    I recently purchased a scooter and I love it, its a great way to get around Austin. One problem we need to consider as the City revises the new code through CodeNEXT is requiring more parking for motorcycles and scooters. Too often I have had difficulty finding a place to park. I feel guity taking up a whole space, or squeezing in between cars. According to DMV records (feel free to do a story on this) Travis County is adding motorcycles and scooters at roughly 5x the state average, increasing 17% over the last 5 years. At this rate there will be twice as many scooters in Travis county in 30 years. We need to start planning for that today, to encourage people to take this more efficient, affordable and ecologically concious transportation choice.

  2. Rich says:

    I ride an electric motorcycle sometimes and enjoy it’s benefits. But until the laws here in TX allow lane splitting, they are no better off in traffic congestion. Go ahead and cry about how dangerous you think that is, but it’s done constantly in a safe manner in CA without problems. I’m a cyclist too. I actually think they should allow small motorcycles and scooters to use a bike lane at 15mph if it’s open, to get around congestion. I also have an ebike which I converted myself and use that if I have to travel in the central area during peak travel times. Because that is truly the best way to get around traffic, using bike lanes and even sidewalks in necessary. It’s safe and it works amazingly well.