Peace, Love, and Good Vibrations

We at Movability Austin love our option-providing friends, but sometimes the communications about their services feels…well, reluctant. So we’re pretty excited to see a new trend lately, marketing that does what car advertising has done for years: an unapologetic focus from option providers on what their products do well.

Does a car ad talk to you about all the costs associated with driving or the traffic hassles? No way! The auto ad marketer pays big bucks to close the street, freeway or seaside highway, so your eyes focus on their lovely product in an exciting setting. And they will never, ever, ever, show you the cons of choosing their product, like the flat tire, fatal car crashes, or the tow truck.Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 3.08.20 PM

So it is all the more exciting that people marketing mobility services are getting better and smarter about focusing on the positives for their products. We’ve shown you a few of those videos.

We’re hoping it won’t be too long before you see marketing for mobility become about the lifestyle choices…where quality of the experience is more valued than mere time, where ‘healthy and active’ is cooler than sitting in air conditioning, and where travel options and flexibility are as much a cultural norm as “just in time” delivery of goods.

Maybe mobility and its marketing hasn’t gotten that sophisticated or that well funded yet. But the world is changing and lots of people understand there’s more nuanced travel modes than simply being a “driver” or a “biker.” As more and more options become more and more easily available, mobility will be a “just in time” option too. Where you decide “right when you need it” whether you are going to be a rider, biker, driver, walker or something else. Technology and the sharing economy have already produced amazing, disruptive and powerful new options. To paraphrase the Beach Boys, we’re pickin’ up good vibrations!


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