Office Relocations Make It Easier to Reconsider Commuting Possibilities

After years of locating in car-dependent, suburban office parks, the last few years has seen a trend that won’t surprise most Austinites. Large numbers of companies are now moving back downtown. According to a new report from Smart Growth America, this job migration is occurring across the U.S. in cities small and large alike. What all of these locations […]

The High Costs of Living Far From Work

A Mobility Lab article on the costs of living in the Washington, D.C. area got us thinking about the costs of living in Austin. Specifically, the cost of living near your work place (downtown, for the purposes of this article), versus living far from your work place. As we all know, there are a lot of […]

The Commute Cart Returns! 

If you’re sick of wasting time in traffic but aren’t sure how to Transform your Trip to work, never fear – the Commute Cart will soon be here! Here at Movability, we’ve trained a new crop of interns in motivational interviewing and as transportation concierges. Now they are manning the Commute Cart in a few […]