Visions of Our Future Work Place

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 1.56.05 PMIn Movability’s work with employers, we hear a lot of concern and requests for help in planning around the evolving role of the work place. Think about your current workplace, then read on to see how radically it may change in the next few years.

Johnson Controls just released The Smart Workplace 2040 report. One of the big takeaways from this report is that 25 years from now, “work” will be seen as something employees do, rather than a place to which they commute. According to the study, work patterns will be radically different as a new generation of what it terms ‘workspace consumers’ choose their time and place of work.

The report’s author, Director of GWS Global WorkPlace Innovation Dr. Marie Puybaraud, said “In 2040 we will consume space, not own it…The findings have implications for leaders and real estate managers around the world as they anticipate the way our society and technology is changing and transforming the way we work.”

As these societal and technological trends take hold, work patterns will be dramatically different, the study predicts; more people will work from home, set hours will vary – if they exist at all – and technology will bring people into collaborative networks. The study also predicts there will be a bigger emphasis on employee health and wellness.

It goes without saying that mobility is also a big piece of these changes. If you’re a downtown employer thinking about these workplace shifts, or maybe already seeing some of them, don’t stick to “business as usual.” Get out ahead and bring options like telework and flex-scheduling into your business model. Your employees, and you, will be better prepared for the future!

Image via Johnson Controls

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