Summer (Options) Loving

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The season of summer travel is upon us, and we’re willing to bet that wherever you’re headed to, you’re going to take advantage of options.

Think about it: if you go to Paris, you don’t want to see the City of Lights from the seat of a car, right? You’ll probably spend time walking through the streets, trying out Paris’s bike share, or maybe taking the metro. That way you’ll be able to pop into a bakery for a pain au chocolat on your way to sightseeing, or get happily sidetracked at an outdoor market.

Or maybe you’re going somewhere more domestic, like our communications coordinator, Kate, who heads back home to Boston in the summer. Boston’s streets are notoriously difficult to drive, but that doesn’t bother Kate, because she takes the T for a wicked easy trip into the city.

Now imagine you brought that sense of travel adventure home with you.

Instead of dismissing a walk of a few blocks or a wait of a few minutes as too inconvenient, think about what you may discover when you change up your routine. We can’t guarantee a French brasserie, but you may find a favorite new coffee shop. Or, you may make a new friend by trying carpooling. You may fall in love with a series of books you never had the time to read if you start riding the bus.

So this summer bring a little bit of your vacation back home with you. Need help getting started? We’re happy to chat with you and help you find the best options for your commute.

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