Health Bit: So Long Sedentary Workdays

Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 9.18.48 PMYou’re probably well aware that reams of research have come out in the past few years pointing to the benefits of movement throughout the day, and showing how damaging it can be to sit all day long.

Now there’s a more specific recommendation: an English study recently came out saying that office workers should spend a minimum of two hours on their feet at work, and ideally closer to four hours. A Guardian article about the study notes that while “research has long linked excessive time spent sitting to increased risk of morbidity or premature death, the advice (co-commissioned by Public Health England and published on Monday) represents the first time British workers have been provided with quantifiable targets for getting out of their seats.”

That’s a big chunk of time during the workday to be moving, but there’s a relatively easy way to kill two birds with one stone: employers who encourage and allow employees to use commute options other than driving alone will likely also get more active employees. Biking and walking of course get commuters moving the most, but even taking transit includes more walking than driving alone would. And teleworkers have time during their day not taken up by commuting to get up and move around.

Getting out and exercising is an awesome thing to do, but for those who are pressed for time, simply changing your commute method may bring you a lot of health benefits, too.

Image via KUT

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