License To Drive? No Thanks

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 1.31.13 PMIt’s been a standard rite of passage for generations of American teens: turn 16, take your driving test, get a license, and get (or borrow) a set of car keys. Cars = freedom, right? Not so much, nowadays.

Today’s teen may be more likely to ask for an Uber account. The New York Times wrote about a California teen doing just that:

“While Jonathan may be an early adopter, he said that most of his friends don’t have a license or car, either. Often they share Uber rides, using the app’s built-in fare-splitting feature, for after-school outings and weekend hangouts.”

So how is that relevant to the Austin downtown business community? It’s simple: this is your future workforce. The fact that they aren’t excited about driving in their teens could very well mean they will choose to live in a way that accommodates a car-free lifestyle when they enter the workforce. That means they’ll look for walkable communities and jobs that offer them access to options.

Employers would do well to recognize that courting Millennial job prospects will mean not forcing them to drive alone during rush hour traffic. The good news is that there are lots of ways to have a productive workforce and not have to rely on traditional car travel. Want to learn more? Contact us, and we can discuss what works best for your business.

photo via Mobility Lab


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