Commute Cart Hits the Streets

What’s got wheels, style, and is out and about during lunchtime? It’s not a food truck, but we think it’s an exciting addition to the streets of downtown Austin: Movability’s Commute Cart.Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 1.25.53 PM

Since February, we’ve had five Movability interns – trained in motivational interviewing and as transportation concierges – looking for ways to meet and chat with employees. What does a chat involve? Friendly travel advisors are inviting you to just think about your commute. If after talking for a moment or two about your commute there are many more pluses than minuses to your current commute, no one is going try to convince you to do something different. However, if you decide there are a lot of minuses and maybe you want to get more pluses in your commute, then that’s when the Commute Chats and travel advisors really start showing the magic.

Do you love to read? Want more time to catch up on emails? Just want to close your eyes, or catch up on your favorite Netflix shows? The Commute Cart and its travel advisors are all about brainstorming with you to find a way you can do those things while commuting – transforming your trip, and taking cars off the road in the process.

In the last few months, our Commute Cart has been setting up downtown during lunch-time and popping up at office buildings and company events. Travel advisors have had over 250 Commute Chats with downtown employees.

Check out how this Mutual Mobile employee worked with the travel advisors to find a good alternative:

About 35 percent of the chats we’ve had have resulted in employees pledging to try a new option or taking the next step toward a new commute habit. And that means more single-occupancy cars off the road, which is good for all of us!

Are you interested in having the Commute Cart visit your building or office? Email Alix to set up a visit, or schedule your own personal commute chat here.

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