Bicyclists Not Deterred By Rain for #BiketoWorkDay

Screen shot 2015-05-18 at 2.29.30 PMDid you happen to see cyclists out and about during rush hour on May 15? They were participating in Bike to Work Day – yes, even in all that rain. Maybe you saw a news article like this one from KXAN and wondered who will really bicycle to work. Maybe you think, ‘no one rides a bike when it’s hot, cold, rainy, etc.’

Well those crazy bike cats proved us wrong. Bike-to-Work Day was a huge success even with the rainiest day of a rainy week.

The weather probably did stop some people from riding. “It all went surprisingly well with a wonderful turnout from people wanting to bicycle,” Mercedes Feris, Executive Director for Bike Austin. “We saw a lot of people getting on bikes and having fun despite the rain. Then Mayor Adler hit a home run joining USDOT Secretary Foxx’s Safer People, Safer Streets challenge.”

Even if the rain kept you off your bike on Friday, we hope anyone wanting to bike to work will still find a time to give it a shot. If you need advice or assistance, start here or ask for a commute chat.

Photos courtesy of EnviroMedia,Cafe Ruckus, Alicia Inns, and Bike Austin.

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