RECA’s President Went Car-Free For a Month, And So Can You

image via Capital Metro Ward Tisdale, president of the Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA), recently wrapped up a 30-day experiment, which he called #30DaysOffTheRoad. As the name suggests, he spent a month getting around Austin without his pickup truck. Here’s how his month looked, in his words: Bus, 34 trips, $63. B-cycle, 8 trips, […]

Paradigm Shift: Using Street Space for People, Not Cars

image courtesy of dwg North Congress Ave. will lose four street parking spaces this summer – and that news is being met with cheers, not groans. A pocket patio is in the works for the northwest corner of Congress Avenue and Eighth Street, making it the second such parklet for North Congress Ave. (There’s another […]

Transport Yourself with Music

How do you find joy in your commute? Maybe you take a nap, catch up on news and articles, or just daydream. But for some commuters, it’s all about the tunes. Carpoolers Caitlin and Kenzie’s daily commute is like a Thelma & Louise adventure with a top-notch soundtrack. They use the Carma app to pick […]