Guest Blog: Erica Brennes on Being Part of the Solution

Former KEYE Traffic reporter Erica Brennes now works with RideScout, and writes about turning struggles into solutions when it comes to Austin traffic I’m excited to be guest blogging for Movability Austin on behalf of RideScout. I watched both closely when I was the morning traffic anchor at KEYE TV. Both are on the forefront of the mobility discussion in Austin — […]

What Teleportation Tells Us About Our Commute Habits

Imagine you could teleport to work. Just a snap of the fingers, and you would instantly be sitting at your desk. Would you do it? Since 2001, a handful of researchers have been posing this whimsical question to commuters all over the world. Many travelers (though fewer than you might expect) answered “yes” to teleportation at first, but started to change their minds as the interview went on. Considering the […]

It’s Pop-Up Breakfast Time!

Downtown commuters, if you use options to get to work, breakfast is on us this Friday! Join us on April 17 from 7:30am to 9:30am outside of Royal Blue at 609 Congress Ave.