Guest Blog: Erica Brennes on Being Part of the Solution

Former KEYE Traffic reporter Erica Brennes now works with RideScout, and writes about turning struggles into solutions when it comes to Austin traffic

I’m excited to be guest blogging for Movability Austin on behalf of RideScout. I watched both closely when I was the morning traffic anchor at KEYE TV. Both are on the forefront of the mobility discussion in Austin — and they’re committed to solving Austin’s traffic problems.

Austin is my hometown (Go Maroons!) and I have spent the last 20 years watching our roads become totally jammed up with traffic. I started working with KEYE TV as their traffic anchor in 2012, and by the time I left to join RideScout in January of 2015, it felt like congestion had gone from bad to worse. Much worse.

After years of talking about wrecks and delays every morning, I now get to be part of the solution to Austin traffic, and that’s exciting. I ride the bus to work from South Austin to downtown. I also use Austin B-cycle, car2go, and do plenty of walking around downtown, instead of driving my car, sitting in traffic and hopelessly searching for a parking spot.

When I joined RideScout, I quickly learned about a new project we were going to be part of called MobilityATX, which launched on Monday. You’ll hear a lot about MobilityATX over the next several months, and I hope you’ll join in on the conversation.

MobilityATX will last until June, and will consist of online and in-person conversations about Austin traffic solutions. We’ll cover topics like commuting, growth, distracted driving and parking; and we’ll take a look at what has worked for other growing cities that might work for Austin. The cool thing about MobilityATX is we are looking to crowdsource solutions to all of the growing pains Austin is experiencing — meaning, we want to hear from Central Texans. We want your ideas, your suggestions, and your feedback.

RideScout has teamed up with Glasshouse Policy, Leadership Austin, CapMetro, Austin Technology Council, CleanTX, Austin Music People, the Brazos Technology District and we have the full support of the City of Austin and our new Mayor, Steve Adler.

During MobilityATX, we will be seeking online feedback at and researching suggestions we get from people who participate, to see if there’s a new idea that could actually work.

We want to hear from the countless entrepreneurs, engineers, people in the tech industry, who live in the Austin area, and we know have come up with some great companies and services, and may just have a brilliant idea for an Austin traffic solution. We want real short-term solutions for Austin now, and there are some tools already in place that we can be using better, or can help decision makers implement them better.

So join the convo, come to our forums, live stream our events and use the hashtag “#MobilityATX” to send in real time questions.  The public is also invited to come to our town hall meeting in June (more details to come on that). All the data we collect will be packaged up and given to the City of Austin, to hopefully turn these ideas into action. Because who doesn’t want to trade traffic for tacos?!?

You can reach Erica at @ericabrennes

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  1. Hi! Ridescout is such an inspiration for us in Norway and I use you as my wish list of a service and engagement for the community. You turn place into more attractive places for people, talent and business. I hope you will cover Bergen Norway soon or we can have a similar service. You promote all good things in commuting be it public transport of several types and all options for a healty, environmently and affordable transport. Modal wars were bicycles fight busses or cars is not good and infrastructural efforts are also needed. But peoples awareness of options and combinations of transport is the nearest target. I have been promoting Carma Carpool in Bergen and at the same time promoted public transport and car clubs as they are all important part of the solution. Wish we had RideScout to show that better. Love from Norway to Austin