Why You Should Care That Capital Metro Has Gone “Real-Time”

Jace Deloney, a passionate Austin transit advocate, writes of Capital Metro’s adoption of real-time technology: “How many times have you waited at the bus stop wondering when your bus is going to show up? For me, there is nothing more frustrating than having to guess whether my bus has already passed my stop or is only a few minutes away from arriving. Luckily for Austin transit riders, Cap Metro is about to take that guessing game out of our commute.”

Movability Austin has been working with Capital Metro to take this step for three years. Now that all the technology has been installed and information systems developed, what will this really mean for you, the commuter? Let’s take an in-depth look at how you can use real-time information to maximize your time and minimize waiting.

Now that it’s up and running, whether you use Capital Metro’s app, RideScout, Dadnab, Google Maps, or something else, you can be assured that they all get the same real time information. No more indeterminate waits, no more worry, no watching your bus leave without you it didn’t arrive quite when you expected. You now have the ability to do “just in time” scheduling and if you don’t schedule quite right…you also have the ability to know when the next bus will actually show up.Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 11.55.42 AM

Here’s how to get the info:

Let’s start with the Capital Metro app. When the screen opens, “Next Bus” is the bottom button. Tap it and then tap “Find Stops Near Me.” If there are several, look for the bus route or routes you want, e.g., 1, 801, etc. Allow the app to use your current location and it will show you next departure times. “Scheduled” times have been replaced with the actual bus location and an algorithm to show its ETA at your stop. Now you know whether to run or walk causally or wait a few minutes before leaving the house or office.

Once you enter your destination into Ridescout it will show you all your options (taxi, ridesharing, driving, biking, walking, and transit). You select your preferred travel option then it gives walk times, transit depart/arrival times, and cost. It even allows you to get an alert reminder for the trip (just swipe at the bottom).

Treat Dadnab like a friend. Put the number in your contacts and text it when you want help: 311 w 5th to mopac & far west. Like every BFF it will text you back very quickly with the help you need. With real-time data, it’s now able to give you even more accurate information about the bus.

Everyone has used Google Maps to check on how bad traffic is; now once you see red ahead just tap the arrow icon, choose your current location, and type in where you want to go. By tapping the transit icon you can see transit options available and those will be in real time as well.

Bottom line: now you can decide for yourself how best to use this new ability to do more with your time. As always, we are here to help if you have any questions! If you need assistance or have comments, please tell us.

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