TechBit: Apps To Help Your Transit Commute Fly By

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 11.14.17 AMThere are a lot of reasons to love commuting by transit. When someone else does the driving, you can do all sorts of things during your ride to work! If reading is your thing, there are a few apps worth checking out.

Pocket, an app available for iPhone and Android, lets you save articles online to your phone to read later. Best of all, it doesn’t require phone service to work. Using a Chrome extension, you simply save the article within Pocket to read during your commute.

Similar to Pocket is Evernote, which also allows you to clip interesting blogs and articles to save and read later. Evernote also lets you categorize your “notes” into different notebooks and share them with others.

Longform is another site and app worth checking out if you’re searching for reading material. It is a collection of, as the name implies, longform articles from a wide variety of web and print publications.

Now that you have the technology set up on your fav device, here are some recommendations for your reading list.

CityLab always has an interesting collection of articles relating to the way we move within and interact with urban environments. Streetsblog is a daily digest of news related to liveable communities and alternative transportation. For more local transportation news, be sure to sign up for the Austin Transportation Department’s newsletter or sign up for ATD News Clips.

Happy reading and riding!

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