Road Rage Rx

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 11.58.00 AMIf you’ve driven in Austin traffic, you’ve probably experienced something like this: rushing to your destination, frustrated by unexpected traffic, starting to get angry at all the horrible drivers on the road. You might be gripping the steering wheel, muttering (or yelling) to yourself that everyone needs to just get out of your way. For most of us, these feelings don’t turn violent, but it can certainly sour a commute and leaving you feeling cranky.

“Road rage” is a broad term that is influenced by a variety of environmental and psychological factors. Some of these factors might include: number of miles driven per day, traffic congestion, seeing roadside vegetation, presence and mood of passengers, an unrewarding job, and stress over being late.

And if you are spending a lot of frustrating time in a car, research shows you become “at risk” for high blood pressure, obesity, isolation/depression, and even have a much higher divorce rate.

So what’s the cure? You can’t control all of these factors, but you can make some choices that will help. Movability Austin prescribes a healthy dose of commute options, at least a day or two each week. Getting out of your car is a fast-acting remedy for road rage.

  • Let someone else do the driving on a bus or train by taking transit; combine that with walking or biking to add some exercise to the mix.
  • If transit or biking isn’t a good option for you, try getting some cheerful friends or coworkers into your car with a carpool or vanpool. Good conversation will let you focus less on the traffic, with an added side effect of strengthened relationships.
  • Maybe your commute needs fewer people, not more. Talk to your manager about telework options, and try working from home one day a week. Even teleworking a few hours in the morning or afternoon, or shifting your work schedule, can help you miss traffic and reduce the stress of being late.

Ready to cure your road rage? Try a Road Rage Rx today.

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