Grab A Carpool Buddy And Refund Your Toll With Carma

Rejoice, carpoolers! CarmaScreen shot 2015-03-02 at 11.45.15 AM, the carpooling mobile app, is expanding its toll refund program to ALL Austin-area toll roads. That’s another way carpooling can help you save money while you zip in to work. The Carma app provides an easy way to connect to carpool buddies, and securely share carpooling costs.

Are you already in a carpool or vanpool? Download Carma and use the app to track your trips, and you’ll be eligible for toll refunds, too.

Refunds are available on 183A Toll, 290 Toll (Manor Expressway), SH 130, SH 45N, Loop 1, and 45SE. Two-person carpools get 50 percent of the toll refunded, and carpools of three or more get the full refund back as Carma Credits. (Carma Credits can be cashed out any time, or used to chip in for other carpool expenses.) Visit the Carma website to learn more about how to register for toll refunds.




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