A Pragmatic Transportation Conversation in Austin? That Alone is Newsworthy

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MobilityATX launches in early April as the latest effort to turn citizen-sourced priorities into effective policy solutions to Austin’s transportation woes. RideScout, Glasshouse Policy, Leadership Austin, and a growing number of additional community partners are sponsoring the project.

An online platform will host district-by-district conversations and a town hall-like discussion, where MobilityATX will assemble and curate “guest” contributors from various mobility specialists across Austin and beyond.

The three-month project will integrate mobility’s evolving constituencies and conclude with the presentation of citizen-sourced policy recommendations for community and City Council consideration. In short, MobilityATX is an attempt to facilitate a city-wide, pragmatic conversation to address the mobility challenges all Austinites face.

Mobility topics discussed online, in-person, and at the June town hall will include:

  1. Impaired Driving: The new designated driver: options, education, accountability.
  2. Commuting: Improve your commute – get yourself out of Austin traffic.
  3. Growth: What do we want to be when we grow up?
  4. Parking: Where’s my spot?
  5. What works for Austin: Looking at other city models.

For more information, or to jump into the citizen-source springs, www.MobilityATX.com

2 Responses to A Pragmatic Transportation Conversation in Austin? That Alone is Newsworthy

  1. Rollie Cole says:

    A growing number of us, heavier, older, or facing steep hills, are riding a trike, rather than a bike. Much of what helps bikers also help strikers, such as dedicated paths and lanes. But racks on buses and many bike parking solutions are too narrow for trikes. It would be nice to see more attention to the growing use of pedaled vehicles that have three wheels rather than two.

  2. I live in North Austin – 78758. Could we please have meetings above 183?

    Thank you so much!

    Mary Rudig
    GWNA Coach

    Webmaster – Love North Austin