SXSW Is Coming!

Whether you are annoyed, delighted, or have a life changing experience could depend on what you do between now and March 13th.

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 9.50.52 AMBrace yourselves, Austin commuters – it’s almost SXSW time. We all know what that means: traffic will grind to a halt anywhere near related events. If you don’t relish the idea of sitting in standstill traffic while you miss interactive events or stare at the hazy shape of the Doritos stage in the distance, it’s time to plan your alternative commute. Right now.

Luckily for you, there are more options than ever. So why not try an alternative commute and end up with time to do more, see more, enjoy more?

MetroRail trains are always a reliable way to get into and out of downtown, and will be running on an extended schedule during SXSW. The MetroBus routes are another good option to lower your stress level and get around that hands-free ordinance. Looking to buy or sell transit fare, or unoccupied seats in a carshare vehicle or taxi? There’s an app for that!

image via Matador Records

Once you are downtown and looking for options, there are lots of mobility apps to help you connect with transportation:

RideScout will help you identify all your options from transit to taxis, and lots more.

Carma is an easy-to use app that can pair you with other drivers for carpooling (and as an added bonus, Carma carpoolers now get toll reimbursements on ALL Austin toll roads!)

Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 10.22.37 AMCar2Go is also offering special SXSW drop zones, which will give commuters more ways to make the connection between transit and their final destinations.

Zipcar is another great carsharing option.

Or bike your way around. It may be too packed on buses and the train to bring your bike, but you can always grab a handy bike share bike via Austin B-cycle once you get downtown.

All of these options take cars off the road, and take some commuting stress off your plate. Need some more ideas, or wondering how to get started? We can help! You just might love your new commute so much, you keep using options long after the festival crowds have left town. Let us know what smart commute options you choose by dropping us a line on Facebook or Twitter with #GoSmart.

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