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Austinites logged an average of 41 hours sitting in traffic last year, and it’s getting worse.

Movability Austin just started a new initiative to help drivers reclaim their commuting time while cutting down on congestion woes for everyone. Do More: Transform Your Trip will help any interested downtown employee to discover how they can actually get more time in the day to do more work or have more personal time.

Do More empowers you to get more out of your already-packed day. Are you a downtown employee? One of our talented travel advisors will chat with you one-on-one to help you discover which travel options work best for your schedule and needs.

During a short one-on-one session, you and our Commute Chat advisor will carefully look at your current commute and the demands of your usual day. Then you will explore travel options that might be even more convenient and cost-effective than what you are doing now. You then get the information and help preparing for the new commute (e.g. mapping bus or bike routes, or finding nearby carpool partners), and the advisor continues to provide friendly support as you try your new travel option.

“As anyone who has tried to lose weight or stop smoking knows, changing habits is hard,” says Movability Austin Executive Director Glenn Gadbois. “The most effective way to help people make changes is by getting the person to hone in on what they need, and then discover if there are other solutions – besides driving alone in traffic. What is their typical day like? What is important to them? We look at what motivates them and what their frustrations are, and those are the factors that, with a little help, can help people in figuring our new ways to meet their own individual needs.”

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Movability Austin also offers one-on-one sessions with employers to discuss how they can help facilitate, support and incentivize their worker’s alternate commutes. Companies can implement flex-time, offer transit passes, or put added benefits in place for those employees who take advantage of alternative transportation options. That in turn builds a more satisfied work force and can even help reduce parking costs.

125,000 people travel into downtown Austin most days—a number that continues to grow as Austin does. While there has been a great deal of time, energy and resources devoted to increasing transportation capacity, the Austin Chamber’s 2013 Mobility Report determined that Austin cannot simply build its way out of congestion. Through the Do More initiative, downtown workers now have an effective way to change their commutes for the better, using existing alternatives. The key is empowering employees to discover their own solutions. Acting as a concierge service that provides free information, in-person consultations and customized plans, Movability Austin is challenging drivers to find a better way to work by asking a simple question: if you weren’t sitting behind the wheel stuck in traffic, what would you be able to do more of?

“We don’t expect downtown commuters to immediately change from driving every day to only using the bus or only biking,” Gadbois says. “It’s about realizing that simply revisiting your transportation choices and making even small changes can impact so much more than just your commute–it can restore control to a big part of your life.”

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When looking at the facts, it’s easy to see how empowering commuters to add alternative transportation to their daily routines can be incredibly impactful, and why many Austin-area employers like Bazaarvoice, Caritas, Cirrus Logic, NetSpend, Silicon Labs, Seton Healthcare, even agencies like Texas Department of Transportation, City of Austin and Austin ISD are already working with Movability Austin. Businesses are using mobility as a strategy to support retention and recruitment goals, to control costs of office and parking, and even to prepare for growth. It is truly helpful to interested employees when companies find ways to allow some telework or more flexible hours, or to provide commute benefits like transit passes that begin to equal the benefits normally available only to drivers in the form of free parking.

Interested d­owntown workers and employers can visit the Do More website for more information, to learn more about commuting alternatives, and to request a free consultation.

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