Introducing Spinlister

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 12.26.10 PMLet’s say you want to try riding a bike to work, but you’re not ready to jump into buying a bike and committing to riding every day. How do you take baby steps into this bike commuting thing?

There are a few options in Austin, like B-cycle and Spokefly. B-cycle is a traditional bike share organization that lets you rent a bike from one of 40 downtown stations and return it to any station. Spokefly is an Austin-based peer-to-peer bike sharing company that lets users rent bikes from others via an app.

And now there’s one more choice: California-based Spinlister has opened an Austin office and has about 400 peer-to-peer bikes circulating around town, with plans to increase to 1,500 by the time SXSW rolls around.

Like Spokefly, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer bike sharing company. According to the Austin Post, “while Spokefly requires owners to leave combo-locked bikes throughout the city for renters to take at will, Spinlister requires owners to hold onto their bikes until renters pick them up.”

Spinlister already has a bike sharing presence in New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. In Austin Spinlister has signed a two-year sponsorship agreement with Bike Texas, with a goal of building bike parking installations around town.

To learn more about how it works (and see a hipster-iffic video demonstrating how to list or rent a bike), visit Spinlister’s website.


image via Spinlister


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