New Year, New Resolutions, A New Way to Succeed

Have you ever made a list of New Year’s resolutions with every intention of making THIS year different, only to find it hard to keep up with your goals? We certainly have! This year we are doing it differently, and maybe these changes will help you too. Movability’s Executive Director Glenn Gadbois shares his tips […]

Put That Phone Down!

Driving is dangerous. Sure, we all feel in control when we get behind the wheel, but there’s no denying that cars and trucks cause thousands of motorist, pedestrian, and cyclist deaths each year, and billions of dollars in economic harm. In fact, according the Centers for Disease Control, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause […]

Introducing Spinlister

Let’s say you want to try riding a bike to work, but you’re not ready to jump into buying a bike and committing to riding every day. How do you take baby steps into this bike commuting thing? There are a few options in Austin, like B-cycle and Spokefly. B-cycle is a traditional bike share […]