Finally, Technology That Delivers Utopia

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 11.54.36 AMIs driving through traffic jam after traffic jam messing with your chill? Well a group of transportation engineers, network modelers and computer scientists have developed Metropia Mobile just for you, saying it “is more than an app, it’s a better way of life.” We couldn’t help but respond with a bit of sarcasm to an app that claims to give you a better way of life while keeping you in your car. While we do agree with Metropia’s conclusion that “traffic is not caused by others, but it is in fact us” and that traveling at non-peak hours is one way we can improve mobility, the app overlooks another very key way to reduce congestion: getting cars off the road.

Metropia’s app claims to reduce your traffic stress by offering real-time trip predictions, route mapping, voice navigation and emergency alerts. The problem is, it doesn’t do anything to help mitigate the cause of all that awful traffic: people driving alone during peak rush hours.

But if you can’t bear the thought of those painful “car separation anxiety” withdrawals that some people experience as they choose to drive less and use mobility options to “do more” with their lives, then an app that promotes driving – albeit on different routes – might be for you.

If you’re ready to think outside the box (or the car, as the case may be), then we’d suggest trying out some apps like RideScout and Carma that will offer you real freedom and help make a dent in the congestion we face.



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