Dear Tabby: How Do I Shop Locally Without Sitting in Traffic?

Q: Dear Tabby,

I want to shop locally for holiday gifts this year, but I can’t stand the thought of driving on congested roads all over town to get from one shop to another. What’s a gift-giver to do?

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.17.56 PMA: Dear Gift Giver,

You’re in luck! There are plenty of great stores – nay, whole districts! – along both MetroRapid lines. The 803 bus runs along Burnet Road, through the University of Texas campus along Guadalupe, and then down South Lamar. During that route it passes through two IBIZ districts – the Lower Burnet and North Drag areas. These indie business districts are full of locally owned businesses with potential gifts for everyone, from the foodie to the vintage fashion lover. The Lower Burnet (“LoBurn”) district is characterized by a plethora of health services, including massage therapy, holistic medicine, and fitness specialists. To counter that good health, there are also plenty of places to buy sugary treats (like chocolate, cookies, and cupcakes)! The North Drag district includes record shops, bakeries, and pet services.

The 801 also passes through the North Drag area, and goes on the South Congress Ave. While South Congress doesn’t have its own IBIZ district, it’s chock-full of locally owned stores and restaurants. Pick up a vintage typewriter, Austin-made art, or gen-u-ine Texas boots while you’re there. So, click over to the Capital Metro site to plan your trip… happy shopping!


Image via Capital Metro


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