How To Become A Happy Commuter

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We know “happy commuter” may seem like an oxymoron. And indeed, it’s been said that cutting an hour’s worth of commuting per day out of your life it’s the happiness equivalent of making an extra $40,000. While moving closer to your place of work and reducing your commute is one way to make that task more bearable, there are other ways to have a happy commute, even if it does take up time.

This article recently examined what makes commuters content, and came up with a rundown of what makes for happier commutes. Here’s a sample of the elements that make up a happy commute:

It’s What You Do With Your Time: if commuters are able to fill their time with something that interests and engages them, the contentment level goes up. It’s hard to do much more than stare at the road as a single drive in rush hour traffic, but taking transit or a carpool affords you the opportunity to read, close your eyes and listen to music, or do some people watching if you’re so inclined.

It’s Flexible: Flexible hours mean employees can work from home or a remote location, and then head to the office, increasing productivity and decreasing wasted time in traffic and frustration.

Reliability: It’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen on roadways on any given day, but if you can arrange a mode of commuting that’s not subject to giant fluctuations, like the traffic accidents that happen almost daily on I-35, your commute will be a happier one. Try taking the train, teleworking, or working flexible hours to avoid those unhappy traffic surprises.


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