Mobility Week is Your Pass to “Try Something New”

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Traffic congestion, and all that comes with it, is Austin’s Achilles Heel and there is no chance of “building our way out” of the problem. We have too many people driving alone in their cars, and the best solutions require a little bit from all of us.

That’s why Movability Austin is joining forces with the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin+SocialGood, Austin Transportation Department, Capital Metro, Thrival Company and many other partners to host Mobility Week October 20-24 for everyone in the greater Austin area.

We are inviting companies to take a “try it before you buy it” approach to mobility options, giving their employees permission to try as many options as they are comfortable offering for this week.

We’re also inviting everyone to “try out new ways of commuting.” Try any option that will work for you and still allow you to work. It can be driving – just think carpool or traveling outside rush hours, instead of driving alone at peak hours. But it can also be mobile/remote work, using transit, bicycling, or walking if you live close enough.

Interested in participating in Mobility Week? Sign up here.

You can sign up as an individual to have your actions counted as part of this community wide effort, and show how much we can all accomplish when individual contributions combine with the actions of many others.

You can also ask your employer to take the 20/20 pledge and join the effort. In return, we will provide your employer all the tools and training they will need, at no cost to them, to offer their employees mobility options.

Want to know more? Sign up for our webinar trainings today. We are providing helpful trainings live and as recorded sessions that will walk employers and their employees through every key step in adding Commute Option benefits for interested employees.

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