How To Attract The Next Generation of Workers? Give Them Options

Millennials will comprise as much as 75 percent of the American workforce by 2025. And guess what? Millennials don’t like driving. So it makes sense for companies that want to be attractive to young talent to start looking into ways to incentivize and support commuting options outside of driving alone during rush hour.

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 11.26.34 AMHow do we know Millennials aren’t carrying on their parents’ love affair with cars? A new study shows that young Americans from regions throughout the nation think about and use public transit in remarkably similar ways. Across the board, people under 30 are far more likely to ride public transportation and to express positive feelings about it than older people. The preference difference remained strong regardless of income bracket and even for those with children.

And it’s not just transit this age group loves. Numerous reports have shown that Millennials are less driving less and are attracted to walkable and bikeable environments more than their predecessors.

These reports reinforce one of the major findings of APTA’s Millennials & Mobility study: “Millennials are multimodal, and they choose the best transportation mode (driving, transit, bike, or walk) based on the trip they are planning to take.”

Where and when they work is also significant to this generation. According to Nancy Altobello, a top talent recruiter at Ernst & Young, flexibility is almost as important as salary for today’s young professionals, emphasizing the desire for teleworking and flex scheduling.

So if your company wants to attract young talent, it may be time to think about where you’re located, what kind of transportation options your employees have access to, and how to support the use of options other than driving alone during rush hour. Movability Austin can help companies offer the employee of the future these choices they want.


image via Capital Metro

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