You Don’t Have To Be a Cyclist To Commute By Bike

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 12.29.25 PMMore and more people are turning to bike commuting as an inexpensive and healthy way to get to work. And Austin is making it easier, safer, and more pleasant to choose bike commuting as an option.

You’ve probably already noticed all the new bike lanes and trails in Austin making it easier than ever to get around by bike in this town. But there’s another cool innovation that also makes bike commuting a breeze: electric bikes.

Electric bike technology means you may not need to get sweaty, even in Texas summers. Electric bicycles – or e-bikes – are becoming very popular, and give commuters the convenience and mobility of a bike, with relief from heavy exertion when you need it.

With tens of millions of e-bikes already on the road in China and e-bike sales surging in Europe, they could become a big new option for U.S. commuters too. Anyone can hop on an e-bike, peddle some, coast some and make it into work or around town for midday trips quickly and easily.

One local e-bike company, Rocket Electrics, offers bikes with three speeds that can travel up to 20 miles on one charge, at speeds of up to 20 mph.

Electric or not, if you are still nervous about biking in the city, this video from Grist offers some friendly tips for the bike-commuting beginner.

If you’re interested in learning more about bike commuting, contact Movability for more information about downtown bike storage and showers, and how to get started!


image via KUT Austin

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