Social Media Spotlight

Just one of the many reasons we love Austin is the number of brilliant people here who care about our region, and in that spirit share their insights about mobility. We have come across several examples that are worth highlighting and hope you will appreciate them as much as we do.Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 12.35.38 PM

The Republic of Austin blog carried several pieces written by Mark Gilbert. Mark takes on the solution most people ask for when they think of traffic: just build more roads. “Will Building More Roads in Austin Decrease Traffic? is a concise and easy to read analysis of why this solution is not working to actually solve congestion.

Local entrepreneur Joseph Kopser authors The Road Scholar blog. Unlocking Austin’s Potential is a thought-provoking call to action, and his observations in the Democratization of Transportation series is funny, thoughtful, and chock full tidbits that will make you see things in a new light.

Of course there are the usual suspects that continue to provide great content from StreetsBlog and HumanTransit; but there are also a couple of new national blogs worth a visit. Urbanful is a hip new blog site that covers transportation, as well as living, sharing, tech and much more. Mobility Lab is a bit nerdy and very Washington, D.C. focused, but the blog and newsletter can give you a heads up on a lot of fascinating issues and items.


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