Seeing BikeShare Through New Eyes

It’s easy to look at Austin B-cycle’s bright red bikes and think of them as a convenient, fun way to get around Central Austin. But there’s reason to believe that bikeshare systems like B-cycle are really more a part of city transit systems than a bike commuter tool. A study from Berkeley researchers recently looked […]

Social Media Spotlight

Just one of the many reasons we love Austin is the number of brilliant people here who care about our region, and in that spirit share their insights about mobility. We have come across several examples that are worth highlighting and hope you will appreciate them as much as we do. The Republic of Austin […]

Health Bit: Options Are Good For Your Waistline and Your Brain

It may seem intuitive that taking transit or commuting via bike or foot would be healthier than sitting behind the wheel of a car, but now research proves it. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, “men and women who commuted to work by active and public modes of transport had significantly lower […]