If You Want to Text, Take The Bus

It should go without saying that using a phone (as well as shaving or applying makeup) while driving isn’t the safest idea. People do all those things anyway, but as of next year it will be illegal to use hand held devices while driving. At the end of August, the Austin City Council passed a […]

Where Do You Want To See Bike Racks?

The City of Austin’s Bicycle Program is taking applications for additional bicycle corral locations throughout Austin’s core. Bicycle corrals transform a standard on-street vehicle parking space into parking for anywhere from eight to 14 bicycles, which means more customers can park and access shops, services, and restaurants. If you are interested in requesting a corral […]

Bye-Bye Boring Bus Stops

It’s nice to have shade and seating when you’re waiting for the bus; but it’s even nicer to have something interesting to look at. There are a few Austin bus stops that go beyond being simply functional, and there could be even more on the way. One of the coolest bus stops in Austin, in […]