City Considering Allowing Uber and Lyft to Operate Legally in Austin

Council Member Chris Riley held a press conference
on September 15, introducing a council resolution that would allow the city to enter into “agreements” with Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) even before the Council-approved stakeholder process has made recommendations.

The press conference was packed with organizations supporting the resolution as a way to embrace technological innovations, improve public safety by giving people a viable alternative to driving while intoxicated, and developing an Austin model that sets a high bar of TNC standards for other cities to follow. | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports

Some like – even love – the services provided by Uber and Lyft, so they don’t mind that these companies are disrupting business as usual in Austin and other cities. This DailyTexan article is a good example of that sentiment.

But others, including staff from Austin and many other cities, have significant concerns about those pesky little details like insurance, safety, and accessibility.

City Council is currently scheduled to consider items 84 and 85 on the September 25th agenda.

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