Car2go Buys RideScout

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Austin-based RideScout had some big news recently: the company, which makes an app that allows people to compare their transportation options easily, side by side, was purchased by car2go North America’s parent company Moovel.

That’s a big deal in the transportation world – it broadens RideScout’s reach, and will make it even easier for commuters and other travelers to have access to and choose from a wide range of options. An article about car2go’s RideScout purchase in The Urbanist puts it this way: “RideScout’s service will continue to improve as features are enhanced and other mobility providers are added and integrated deeper into the app; all of which benefit the app user and urban mobility.”

RideScout, which launched in 2011, is currently available in 69 North American cities. The app finds available transportation near a user, and shows a side-by-side comparison of the cost and approximate time for each available option.

“[Moovel CEO] Robert Henrich and I share a vision for a better future in mobility for all – one where people travel from place to place seamlessly, rethinking the definition of car ownership.  I am thrilled that RideScout is working with car2go to expand this vision,” said Joseph Kopser, Co-Founder and CEO of RideScout in a press release. “Our partnership enables us to build a better product for our users and our customers, helping people make better transportation decisions in an emerging transportation marketplace and improving quality of life for all.”


image via RideScout

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