Stopping To Smell The Roses

Sometimes you just need the fastest way to get somewhere on your bike, and for those times your probably turn to GPS. But sometimes you may want more from life than rushing from Point A to Point B.

Yahoo researchers in Spain recently came up with a way to measure the “beauty” of locations within cities, and then they created an algorithm that will generate a route between two locations that takes advantage of those scenic spots. Instead of finding the most direct route, their algorithm finds the most beautiful route.

That work has yet to be turned into an app – the researchers are working on one now that will be tested in European and U.S. cities – but if you want a way to find a route right now that gives you more than just a straight shot to work, there’s good news.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 1.25.01 PMLocally-based Map My Ride, which is part of the company Map My Fitness, lets users search and create bike routes around the city based on any number of criteria. Its Route Genius function will recommend a route for you based on a starting point, pulling in other user-generated routes. Although the Route Genius routes don’t take you from one place to another – they’re a loop recommended based on the area – you could use the suggestions to change up your daily ride. Or, search other logged routes in the area you’re riding and plan your own ride based on those suggestions.

Do you use tool like Map My Ride to help you with your commute? Do you try to incorporate fun or scenic things into your routes? Let us know!








image via MapMyRide

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