CEO’s Meet to Consider Joining 20/20 Mobility Solutions

Movability Austin and Thrival Company are partnering with Capital Metro, City of Austin, and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce to make Austin’s largest employers an offer we hope they can’t refuse. The effort was launched with a breakfast hosted by Chamber Chair Jack McDonald and Mayor Lee Leffingwell. Attending were senior executives from Austin […]

Mobile Work Wins: Most Loved, Most Hated, Most Misunderstood

When we ask employees about which travel options they are most interested in, mobile work – also known as working from home, or telework – is hands down the most attractive option. It is also one of the options many companies are most hesitant to offer. We often hear “it doesn’t work for our team […]

Transportation Solutions Happening Now

Community Impact’s Central Austin edition ran an article in July examining the transportation solutions our region is advancing now, as traffic congestion grows worse and is expected to double by 2035. Here are some key points about what’s going on now that could help lessen the traffic jams: Fewer than 20 percent of Austin residents […]