Mobile Work Wins: Most Loved, Most Hated, Most Misunderstood

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 12.53.35 PMWhen we ask employees about which travel options they are most interested in, mobile work – also known as working from home, or telework – is hands down the most attractive option.

It is also one of the options many companies are most hesitant to offer. We often hear “it doesn’t work for our team approach,” or “managers aren’t comfortable with it.” And to be fair, it does take some serious groundwork for mobile work to work well for a company. It’s in that spirit that we’re sharing two articles that may help employers and employees consider mobile work a bit more favorably.

At lot of companies already have a great deal of experience with mobile work. FlexJobs recently posted its Top 100 Company list from a database of over 25,000 pre-screened and vetted companies with flexible work options.

Many of these companies are leaders in their fields—Xerox, UnitedHealth Group, Dell, ADP, American Express, and others—and their successes are highlighting the way current remote workforce technology can help their companies grow and thrive.

The top industries offering flexible work arrangements include healthcare, information technology, education, nonprofit and philanthropy, and sales and marketing, according to the analysis. Job titles like Sales Representative, Senior Analyst, Nurse Case Manager, Account Executive, Web or Software Developer, Accountant, and Virtual Teacher are some of the most commonly found when searching for jobs that offer work-life balance.

Another reason to consider mobile work is that employees can save money, time and frustrations. This recent SmartPlanet article gives the low-down on a new calculator to help you figure out just how much you could save with mobile work as an option. It’s true that mobile work isn’t for everyone. Here is a quick assessment tool to see if mobile work is right for you and your job.

And here is a good ten-step checklist for you and your employer to use when considering mobile work as an option. If it’s a fit for a company and its employees, mobile work can be a great part of the solution to take traffic off our roads.

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