Fun and Inspiring Social Media: Finding Love on Transit

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 1.11.59 PMYet another reason to ride mass transit: dating opportunities. Washington D.C.’s Metro Transit Authority is promoting their new Silver Line with a TV advertisement suggesting one’s dating pool will increase when riding.

We may not think of transit as a place for romantic connections, but there is some validity to the idea according to recent research by Dorothy Gambrell. Gambrell used data from Craigslist’s “missed connection” ads to develop a map of the most frequent locations in each state where individuals had noticed someone they wanted to connect with but missed the chance. Public transportation was the most often cited flirting locale in five different states: New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, and Oregon.

Granted, the most popular location in Texas was Walmart. Nonetheless, riding transit anywhere will put you in close contact with a large number of diverse people. And you’d be hard pressed to find any flirting going on among drivers who are driving alone!

So keep your eyes open next time you are on the bus or rail. There’s no telling with whom you might connect.


image created by Rajiv Ramaiah

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