CEO’s Meet to Consider Joining 20/20 Mobility Solutions

Movability Austin and Thrival Company are partnering with Capital Metro, City of Austin, and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce to make Austin’s largest employers an offer we hope they can’t refuse.

The effort was launched with a breakfast hosted by Chamber Chair Jack McDonald and Mayor Lee Leffingwell. Attending were senior executives from Austin Community College, AMD, ATT, BazaarVoice, City of Austin, Freescale, Grande Communications, IBM, Parkway, Travis County, Whole Foods Market, and University of Texas.

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Austin’s rapid growth has an Achilles Heel – awful traffic. Traffic and congestion will get much worse if we do nothing, and only a little better if build everything we have money to build. The big solution is acting like the major metro area we are by depending less on “driving alone” during rush hours as our primary travel option.

Major employers – and their employees – can make a big difference and these companies have a lot of tools they can use.

Movability proposed that companies pledge to have 20 percent fewer employees commuting by “driving alone” during rush hours and we will give them the tools, training, planning, and coaching to make this pledge a reality within three to five years.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 1.20.41 PMNo one argued with the core message, that we can no longer simply point to the public sector and expect it to produce something that will solve the problem. Most also acknowledged that employers have a real interest in stepping forward. Their most valuable assets are impacted by transportation. Finding ways to give employees commuting options is a hiring and retention issue now for employees who can’t afford to live near the work place. It will become even more critical as more Millennials enter the work force, bringing with them a proven preference for urban settings and travel options besides a car. Many companies are also seeing the need to use their office and parking spaces more efficiently as they grow, and some travel options can greatly help with that.

Stay tuned as 20/20 Mobility Solutions gets rolling. There will be opportunities for your company to sign up as part of the solution for Central Texas!

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