Carma and RideScout Partner

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Big news came from the world of mobility technology last week: two companies active in Austin, RideScout and Carma, announced they are partnering to give commuters even better services.

This makes shopping for travel options so much easier. Now nearly all of your options can be viewed side-by-side, and compared by cost and travel time, when you need to travel.

“Through our latest collaboration with RideScout, true ridesharing matches can be found alongside bus and train schedules, helping people utilize the millions of wasted empty seats on our roads every single rush hour,” said Paul Steinberg, VP of Business Development at Carma.

Technology like RideScout and Carma make is easy for you as a commuter to find options as you need to travel, and that means immediate relief while helping to fight traffic for everyone.

RideScout is an easy to use Austin-based app. You tell it where you want to go and it shows you all your options – transit, taxi, ride share, car share, bike share, carpool, walking, biking, driving and parking options all in one view. Then you choose.

Carma is a ridesharing app that launched in San Francisco. You tell it your start and end points, what time you’ll be traveling and whether you have seats to share or want a ride. Then it matches you with people nearby or on your way who want to share empty seats. Carma has partnered with the Central Texas Mobility Authority to give its users toll discounts when they carpool on U.S. 183A and the Manor Expressway.

image courtesy of Carma


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