Carma and RideScout Partner

Big news came from the world of mobility technology last week: two companies active in Austin, RideScout and Carma, announced they are partnering to give commuters even better services. This makes shopping for travel options so much easier. Now nearly all of your options can be viewed side-by-side, and compared by cost and travel time, […]

Want To Ease Traffic Woes? Get Rid of Free Parking

Public and private leaders in Austin are asking you, me, and everyone who commutes in the city to think about changing the way we travel. Commissioner Bruce Todd says “Congestion is a problem that we all own, and we can contribute to the solution individually. Government leaders can support funding for road and transit infrastructure […]

Uber and Lyft: What’s Going On?

It’s not uncommon to hear Austinites wondering out loud what’s going on when it comes to Uber and Lyft. These transportation network companies made a big splash this spring when they announced they would operate in Austin (to which the city said “not so fast.”). Not to feed the Millennial cliché, but this transit rider […]