Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

Do you have commuting questions but nowhere to turn for answers? In our continuing advice column series, our intrepid Commuter Cat will answer your questions and keep you moving! Today’s question covers Wi-Fi access on transit.

 commuter cat 2Q: Dear Tabby,

I’d like to start riding the bus to work more often. I see lots of people using laptops on the train, but I wonder – is wireless Internet available throughout the Austin transit system?

Love, Tech-Savvy Traveller

A: Dear Tech-Savvy,

In today’s digital age, commutes to and from work can be very productive time. Checking emails and getting work done becomes a viable option when you don’t have to focus on driving. The good news is, Wi-Fi is currently available on ten different transit routes: the MetroRail Red Line, all seven Express Routes (935-990), and both the currently running MetroRapid Route 801 and the soon-to-be-running MetroRapid Route 803. The service is available free of charge, and no passwords are needed. Simply click on the “CapMetro” network, and you are connected. According to my sources, no other bus lines are slated for immediate installation of Wi-Fi, but service on the Express buses is being upgraded to 4G/LTE by this September.

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