Drivers with Good Carma Save Money and Time on Manor Expressway

The entire Manor expressway is now open for business – that means people driving and paying a toll – but that isn’t the big news.

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 5.59.00 PM

First a little background. Manor Expressway is a 6.2-mile section of US 290 East between US 183 and SH 130, heading out to Manor and Elgin. Now check out the colors on this Google map (above) showing normal 5:00 pm traffic volume. See those green lines on I-35 leading up to the Manor Expressway and then extending out almost the entire length to Manor? Compare those green lines to the red lines on most of I-35 and MoPac.

Right now, the new stretch of road looks pretty good compared to I-35 and MoPac. But those new lanes will fill up and become a new choke point if drivers choose to fill the new road with just one person in every car.

That’s why we think the big news here is a partnership between Carma and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Carma carpool is helping people save money while using this tolled expressway, and keeping extra cars off the road by connecting people with carpools.

With two people in a vehicle you save 50 percent of the toll price. With three or more people riding you get 100 percent of toll refunded (put directly into your TxTag account). But that isn’t all. Carma also lets you decide if other riders are going to help you cover the costs of driving, making it easy for them to transfer funds to you each time you drive with them. Then of course, if you are coming downtown there is only one vehicle to park and that’s a cost savings of $5.00 to $10.00 per day.

The choice is yours. Get Good Carma today and start save your money and everyone’s time. Or wake up some morning soon to frustrations of sitting in traffic … again.

For more information on Carma and the Manor Expressway, click here.

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