Movability’s Former Program Director Honored By Travis County

We’re sad to say that Lauren Bennett, Movability Austin’s former program director, has accepted a job in California and is leaving Austin. But before her last day at Movability, Travis County Commissioners made sure to recognize all the hard work she’s put into helping County employees secure new transportation benefits.

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 12.16.17 PMWe wrote recently about some of the fruits of Lauren’s labors: Travis County has expanded unreserved parking and approved an employee commute options benefit program, which allows employees to choose transit or other options without also being penalized by giving up a benefit (parking) worth $140 per month. Since public sector employees make up a whopping 25 percent of the downtown workforce, any decrease in those employees commuting in single occupancy vehicles is likely to make a huge impact on downtown traffic congestion.

Way to go, Lauren!

One Response to Movability’s Former Program Director Honored By Travis County

  1. Sena Walsh says:

    We will miss you, Lauren! Good Luck!!