Wheels Down and Be Counted!

Are you one of the many Austinites who bike or walk into downtown? If so, then you’re actually creating important data each time you use your feet or your bike!

To understand how many people we have biking and walking, CAMPO counts each person at various locations around town. Counting bicyclists and pedestrians is very important for a couple of big reasons. By understanding where people enjoy walking and riding, the city can place new bike and walking paths in the spots where people need and want them most, and where they make the most sense given the network of other options available like bus and rail. We also need a count in order to measure the number of bicyclists and pedestrians, to ensure that money spent on creating new bike and walking paths is well spent.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 12.31.42 PM

Austin has a counter on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway over Waller Creek. The counts are in near-real time and are quite fascinating! See the number of bicyclists here and people on foot here. San Francisco, Seattle and Portland also have digital displays that show counts to everyone as they pass.

In Arlington, this display shows a real time tally of cyclists and walkers. Do you have a brilliant idea for what Austin can do with our count data? Send us good ideas about how to post or communicate how much ATX loves bicycling and walking!Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.56.42 AM

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