Tech Roundup

RideScout adds features

RideScout has introduced a new feature on its app! RideScout is a free app that pulls together all the travel options available for your trip and gives you the time and cost for each one so that you can decide which option suits your needs. RideScout has now integrated notifications for buses and bike share that make planning your trip a little bit easier. Notifications are currently only available for iPhone users, but will be moving to Android soon.

  • Toggle bus notifications to ‘ON’ and RideScout will tell you when you need to leave to catch the bus or when you should press the ‘stop requested’ button so you don’t miss your stop while zoning out.
  • Toggle bike share notifications to ‘ON’ and the app will prevent the dreaded “dock block.” If while you’re en route, your destination station suddenly fills up, RideScout will send you a push notification and reroute you to the next closest Austin B-Cycle station. Ridescout will also let you know when you’ve used 25 of your 30 free minutes of drive time. Nice!


Simplifying Ways To Use Options

We’ve got some creative thinkers in our fair city and we’d like to give a shout-out to some of them. The Brazos Technology District is an emerging group aimed at organizing the tech companies in the Brazos Street area to create positive urban change. A major part of their mission is to improve transportation options in the area.

The founders of the district understand the issues downtown faces, like parking and commute times for employees, and even more importantly they understand their role in easing the pain. They set out to make it easy for companies to support employees in changing their commute behavior from one-person-one-car to transit by simplifying the process of buying employee transit passes. They setup a great web site where employees can order and pay for a pass in a few simple steps and have it delivered right to their office.

BTD transit pass tool 2


Want to be a part of this great program or find out more about the Brazos Tech District? Get in touch with them today!


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