Show Us How You Wiggle!

The idea of the “Wiggle” began in San Francisco where cyclists share a famous winding route for getting through the hilly divide. We also create favored paths to repeat destinations, which become so routine to us we don’t think twice as we go along. These routes often help us avoid scary intersections, high-traffic streets, or killer hills in favor of something more pleasant and user-friendly.

Dave shows us just how many ways you can get around the city, even if you don’t own a car.dave sullivan

“I routinely use several travel modes in one day. I think my record is 6 – walk, bike, carpool, drive Car2Go, bus, and train (Red Line). One Thursday last month I had an interesting travel experience. I had plans to meet friends Downtown to hear music, and I was at work in far North Austin without a bike or car, but with a heavy bag of work materials. So here’s what I did:

1. Took circulator bus from work to the Kramer Station.

2. Took train from Kramer to the Convention Center.

3. Grabbed a B-cycle at the Convention Center and rode over to W. 6th and Lamar.

4. Grabbed a Car2Go and drove the short distance home.

5. Dropped off my work materials, got on my own bike and pedaled to the Whitehorse Bar.

Got exercise, a chance to read and relax, and had fun, although a Route 3 bus plus Car2Go may have been faster on steps 1-4.”


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