If You Lived Here, You Would Be Home

if you live here signHave you seen one of these signs while sitting in traffic? Maybe your response was “that kind of location is for other people, not for me.” It was once a given that we follow a certain path: we grow up, get jobs, maybe have kids, and move to bigger homes outside of the city. But more and more people are realizing that where they live isn’t just about curb appeal or square footage.

Where you live affects your ability to move around – to work, to groceries, to schools, or for fun – and can make those trips either easy or hard. If you have to drive, and particularly when you have to drive longer distances, the hard is getting harder and taking a bigger and bigger chunk out of your free time, budget, and health.

We wrote in our Location, Location, Location article that more and more real estate agents are helping homeowners recognize the commute implications of their home choices. WalkScore also shows nearby destinations, transportation choices, and local insights, helping people make “live where you love to be” choices about real estate.I-35 traffic

If you see this view every day from the driver’s seat of a car with only you in it, there is really no way around it: you have chosen to live in a place that requires you to drive, and you are part of the traffic problem that is bad and will only get worse.

The good news is that you can make changes. It has never been easier to get good information and professional real estate help. There are also increasingly better and more transportation options available thanks to apps like RideScout and Carma, and new transit service like the MetroRapid bus. Finally, there are more and more residential choices available, making it easier to avoid traffic by living near where you work, working near where you play, and playing near where you live. Less money spent on commuting also means more money available for a home.

Do you want to see some firsthand accounts about how smart residential choices can help with how you live? Check out Zach’s thoughts on Location, Location, Location, Charles’s Why I live Where I live, or Kirsten’s The Evolution of our Car-Free Days.

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