Getaround: Put Your Idle Vehicle to Good Use!

More and more people are finding ways to commute that don’t involve car ownership, and a large part of that trend has been car sharing. In fact, membership in car sharing networks is predicted to grow to 12 million worldwide by 2030. This could have big implications for increased affordability and availability of work day parking spaces.

Part of that trend is what’s kGetaround-App-Car-Profilenown as peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing. A P2P network allows car owners to rent their cars out to other drivers. So for instance, if you’re interested in taking the bus to work every day, but hate the thought of your car collecting dust in your driveway, you could rent it out and make additional money during your workday. Alternatively, you could rent out your car while you’re working so it isn’t taking up a parking space at your workplace to both make money and save on the cost of parking.

Getaround is one P2P service operating in Austin that allows you to do just that. And they just announced a partnership with insurance provider Assurant Specialty Property that should make it even easier to rent out your car: Assurant will provide primary insurance to both owners and renters in the Getaround network.

That should help ease concerns for would-be renters or owners who had previously run up against the obstacle of insurance companies excluding commercial use in vehicle coverage. The prospect of renting out your car to an unknown driver, and knowing your insurance wouldn’t cover any incidents, would undoubtedly have stopped many people from trying out P2P car sharing. But with insurance built into Getaround’s service, this type of carsharing may be one more option that helps people break up with their cars for workday commutes. Have you rented your ride out on Getaround? Tell us about it!

Don’t Want to Rent the Whole Car? How About Just a Seat?

 Carma Carpooling, which we’ve written about in the past, now has this handy calculator to tell you just how much your empty seats are costing you. Just enter the type of car you drive, how far you drive and voila! Now that you have the info, you can see why you would want download their app and fill those seats right away! No more wasting gas and money. Share those empty seats and the cost!

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  1. Todd Hemingson says: is another source for P2P car rentals in Austin and other cities. I used them in Salt Lake recently and the price was far better than a traditional car rental and the customer service (from the car owner) was also outstanding. Worth a look.