Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

Do you have commuting questions but nowhere to turn for answers? In our continuing advice column series, our intrepid Commuter Cat will answer your questions and keep you moving!commuter cat 2

Today’s question covers park and ride rumors.

Q: Dear Tabby,

My best friend’s hairdresser’s cousin recently told me that cars are being towed at the South Park Meadows park and ride. I’m dying to use MetroRapid to get to work downtown, but I just can’t afford to have my car towed. Is that true, Tabby????

Love, No Fan of Commuter Gossip

Dear No Fan, Cats are the worst gossips in town, so I completely understand your unease. A fussy Persian once told me it was more convenient to drive alone into downtown rather than carpool. As if! Can you believe that nonsense?! Anyhow, let’s get down to your issue.

I did some serious investigative work to get to the bottom of this (OK, I called Capital Metro). My sources were aware of the issue, and they had already worked with the businesses at Southpark Meadows to come to a fine resolution. If you’re a MetroRapid rider, you should park in the designated spaces off Cullen Street across from Walmart, if you don’t want your car towed. See the map below for more details. And there you have it Rapid fans! Now get out there and swipe those passes!


Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 11.32.08 AM

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