Bike Month Events

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There are a ton of fun things to do during Bike Month. We’ve listed a few here, and you can find even more here.

May 1-7: Bike to Eat Week

Odds are you’re going to eat something today, why not get a discount!


May 3-4: Bike Austin/ACA Bike Summit

Be a part of a community discussion on the future of one of Austin’s greatest bike organizations!


May 6: Making Austin Walkable (and bikeable)

Join WalkAustin in bringing walkability expert, Jeff Speck, to talk about why it’s a good idea to make Austin walkable and how we go about doing it.


May 16: Bike to Work Day

This is the BIG DAY! It’s time to enjoy a nice bike ride into work and be rewarded! There are fueling stations offering breakfast and coffee on your way in and then more refreshments on your way home. Want someone to ride with? They have that too!! You can find all the details listed on this map.


May 17: Boneshaker Family Bike Ride

Take your kid on a fun ride to the park! The ride will take you to fun places around town and will even include a surprise X Games athlete appearance! Here’s your chance to be the cool parent.

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