What’s The Fastest Way To Get Across Austin at 5pm? You Might Be Surprised

Last June Let’s Go News provided a tongue-in-cheek review of a commute challenge engineered by Austin American-Statesman reporters. Because the reporters chose to try a walking-versus-driving challenge through downtown on a Saturday morning, it wasn’t too surprising that the driver found parking easily, and made it to both destinations before the walker.walk-vs-driveBut getting around downtown on a weekend isn’t really the region’s biggest challenge, is it? It’s the traffic choking our roads on weekdays, as people try to move to and from work and home.

That’s why more Austin commuters can probably relate to the commute challenge that five Austin Post reporters took recently. The five reporters set off during 5:00 pm traffic to see how travel options stacked up. Each traveled just over four miles from the same starting location and made their way to the same destination. They chose the surface roads that many of us negotiate daily.



Each reporter used a different mode of travel:

  • MetroRapid Bus
  • Regular Bus
  • Car
  • Bike
  • Walking

Who do you think arrived at the end point first?

The reporters kept track of the commute with amusing 15-minute updates. Walker “takes a selfie because why not.” Car rolls down his window to note the appropriateness of some songs (like “Eve of Destruction”) he hears coming from another car.


Ready to find out who won?




Now for the results:


If you’ve sat through Austin’s rush hour traffic lately, it’s probably no surprise that the car finished last. Are you ready to shave time off your commute and try out some options? We can help! Contact Movability if you have questions about how to get started.


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